Karine & Cyril Alonso

Marchampt, Beaujolais
Karine and Cyril Alonso are at the helm of this really tiny domaine in the Beaujolais region.
The family live and make wines in a Ampelographic Conservatory of 1.7ha of vines in Marchampt, distributed on 3 plots and regrouping 140 varieties of old grapes. 
They evolve in an “eco-lieu” surounded by 450 ha of forest.
Everything is done by hand, from harvest to labelling, in a perfect ecosphere. Vinification is made with indigenous yeast at room temperature from vines of hills in agroforestry.
Bees forage in a protected natural park while the wine ferments quietly in the cellar.
Super low intervention wines, nothing added. The living soils and biodiversity of grapes planted by Alonso’s family create precise wines full of energy.


Larmes des Damas 2021 FEBRUARY 2022
red wine
Pinot Franc de Pied, Pinot Fin, Pinot Noir 
650 bottles produced

Cuvée du Yéti 2021 FEBRUARY 2022
red wine
One plot of 31 varieties of Gamay

Je T’aime 2021 FEBRUARY 2022
pet nat’